116908_lgEveryone’s favourite ol’ time thrash band, Megadeth, recently announced extensive details of the Megadeth Boot Camp experience. We might have reported on this sooner if we’d realised this wasn’t just some sort of dream, but after numerous (hard) slaps around the face, it’s apparent that the Megadeth Boot Camp is a planned event, 10-13 March, and you can travel to the Mustaine Estate in California to join in the fun; that is of course if you want to spend $5499 for the pleasure and privilege of glamping in Dave Mustaine’s garden.

In return for this modest payment you’ll also get the chance to listen to stories round the Boot Camp campfire with Uncle Dave and the band, will be treated to numerous opportunities to purchase wine from Dave’s own vineyard, perhaps buy a bag of Dave Ellefson branded ground coffee, and even buy a drink from the on-site cash bar as you mingle with other fans during the welcoming party – hell, they’ll even sell you a toothbrush if you forget to pack yours. Anyway, there’s so much more besides, you’ll just have to pinch yourself to make sure you’re not dreaming.

This really is happening, and all the information is right here at this location – we won’t judge if you can’t help but click on the link to buy a ticket. We expected this was some sort of weird hoax set up by an unknown comic genius. But it’s not April.

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