Triptykon, the Swiss avant-garde metal troupe fronted by Tom Gabriel Warrior of Hellhammer/Celtic Frost fame, have announced the release date of their second album, Melana Chasmata, as April 2014.


Warrior has made the following statement on forthcoming release: “We have been working on Melana Chasmata for some three years, in various shapes and forms. It’s not an easy album by any means, and to me personally it reflects an extremely complex gestation period, musically, spiritually, and, due to certain circumstances in my life, emotionally. At the same time, the album unquestionably reflects the continuity I was longing for so much during Celtic Frost’s period of self-destruction and demise. Hearing Triptykon creating such utter darkness again and exploring the potential of these new songs has been incredibly invigorating and inspiring.”


The album will be put out through a collaboration between both Century Media and the band’s very own Prowling Death Records label.


Europe will see a release on 14 April 2014, with North America following on 15 April respectively.


For more information visit the Triptykon official website or Facebook page.

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