Cruachan frontman “savagely attacked” by gang

Cruachan frontman, Keith Fay, was “savagely attacked” by a gang on the morning of Sunday 20th Feb outside a Dublin nightclub. The attack was said to be completely unprovoked.

“While leaving a nightclub with my brother, sister and a friend, a gang of about 15 men in their early 20s began to verbally abuse my sister and my friend,” Fay comments. “I shouted back at one of them telling him that is my sister and to leave her alone. I was then hit over the head with an iron bar and knocked unconscious. They all started kicking me while I was on the ground. My sister was thrown to the ground also and had her arm broken. When I came to, they had run off. The whole thing only lasted a minute or two. This was on Dame Street in Dublin city centre, a very crowded area at that time of night. A lot of bystanders came to help also which scared the scumbags off. I was stabbed in the face, had my ribs broken and bruised all over.”

Cruachan recently signed to Candlelight Records and their sixth album, ‘Blood On The Black Robe,’ is scheduled for release on April 16th.

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