Brace yourselves!  Death thrash quartet, Criminal, release Armegeddon with their latest music video, straight from their seventh studio album, “Akelarre” (2011) via Massacre Records.


ZT spoke exclusively to the Chilean-born frontman himself, Anton Reisenegger, about their next festival with Slayer, freezing their asses off while filming, and nuclear disasters.


“The Ghost We Summoned,” produced by Carlos Toro of Abysmo Producciones, was shot in late February of this year, while the band was touring their native continent of South America.


“The lyrics are about the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disasters, and how we deal with nuclear energy—the risks of it,” said Reisenegger.  “For the video, Carlos went a bit further, using a post-apocalyptic scenario.”  Explosions, ruin, decay and general chaos can be expected from this epic.


“We were totally knackered,” said Reisenegger, on filming in the abandoned building; the group which had just finished a show the day before, traveled hours to reach the location for the shoot which overlooked the bay of Valparaíso.


“It was really cool but fucking cold as well… really worth it though looking at the final product,” Reisenegger recalls.
Toro, the creative master behind the video has also produced other creations for bands like Kreator, Vader, Therion and Rob Halford.


The group is gearing up to play three shows this weekend in Spain, followed by a festival in Chile, dubbed “Maquinaria,” supporting the likes of KISS, Slayer, Slash, Marilyn Manson, Mastodon and others.


Reisenegger left us with just a few words of wisdom on the topic of old school thrash:  “To all of you who are not familiar with the band—if   you’re into REAL thrash metal like Slayer, Kreator, and old Sepultura.  Check us out!  You will not regret it!”





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