Chris Kee stocks his bandoliers full of Mortillery.


“The album has been everything we wanted and more,” begins Mortillery guitarist Alex Gutierrez about the Canadians’ violently thrashing debut album, Murder Death Kill. “The metal community seems to like and appreciate it, and that’s great news to us! The songs seemed to just match perfectly together, and we feel like the album turned out exactly like we hoped.” Alex lays much of the credit for Murder Death Kill’s raw power at the feet of the local producer who helped them bring the album to life: “We’re really pleased with the way it came out, and we owe it all to Terry Paholek – the best one-man operation at The Physics Lab Recording Studio, here in Edmonton, Alberta. The entire time in the studio, everything felt really natural, and we think maybe that’s why we were able to capture the energy of our songs.” The album originally snuck out last year on Horror Pain Gore Death Productions, but has since been picked up by Napalm Records, who are now making sure it gets heard by a worldwide audience. “We couldn’t be more excited!” says Alex about the new deal. “Napalm have been really helpful and committed to us. Also,” the guitarist adds, “our lawyer Eric Greif [onetime Death manager] had a huge role in helping us develop a great contract with Napalm, so between them, we’re in really good hands.”


Despite many people only picking up on Mortillery now, due to the better distribution afforded the album by Napalm, the band are already about to head back into the studio to start work on album #2. Alex is remaining cagey, though, about what fans can expect… “Well, looks like you’re gonna have to wait and see for yourselves on this one,” he laughs. “We feel like the progress of the band has been great, and as time passes, we’re more and more pleased with our songs and where we’re going. To us, it’s clear when we compare Murder… to this new material that we’re getting closer to what we want.” The one thing that Alex will reveal about the new album is that they won’t be making any changes to their recording methods… “Back to The Physics Lab!” he says immediately when the subject arises. “No need to look anywhere else when we’ve got a great studio here in town and Terry makes it so easy to record. In the future, other opportunities to record may come up, but for the time being, we’re keeping everything the way we know it works.”


[vital statistics origin.edmonton, alberta canada formed.2009 band label current.murder death kill]

Murder Death Kill is out now on Napalm Records.


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