German old school death newcomers Chapel Of Disease have inked a deal with FDA Rekotz for the release of their debut demo “Death Evoked”. The recording will be out on Friday the 13th of April on tape, limited to 166 hand-numbered copies. A t-shirt will be included with all orders.


Band mastermind Laurent T. (vox & guitar) spoke to ZT about the deal: “Well, fuck me; we’re all pretty stunned about the development that has taken place during the last months. When we started out in 2008 (yes, it took us 4 years to record a demo… don’t ask, that’s about to change) we were all pretty confident about our sound and the possibility to get signed with this stuff. But as time went by, I guess we played and heard our songs too often. At first, we thought we would release “Death Evoked” ourselves. We send Rico from FDA Rekotz the song “Summoning Black Gods” just to try our luck. His response was amazing and one thing led to another, so we ended up getting signed by this killer label. Rico seems really cool and we all feel that FDA suits us just perfect. I think that they put a lot of effort and heart in their work and we’re truly looking forward to be working with these guys!


“‘Death Evoked’ pretty much represents what we were off to do from the first day on… Pure old school rotten Death Metal in the style of the ancient ones like Death, Pestilence, Asphyx, Morbid Angel, Possessed and so on. There is a lot of Death Metal stuff going on at the moment, but we’re just missing the traditional sound of the beginnings from Tampa. Here and there we stick in some doom elements (fastness is not always aggressiveness) and we’re off to keep this sound for our debut, which is planned for the end of 2012… I guess we’re all looking forward to it, with a slight stench of nervousness. We’ll try to not fuck it up! So let the rotten times roll!”


The song “Summoning Black Gods” is available for streaming at THIS LOCATION.

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