UK Doom Legends Cathedral have announced a final London show before calling it quits.


Lee Dorian comments on the farewell show and future reunions: “Well, we’ve been doing this for over twenty-one years now and I think it’s a bit of a cop out when bands get back together. I never-say-never, but I honestly can’t see it ever happening. The music means more to us than that and it’s not as though people haven’t had enough chances to see us over the years. I would say it’s very unlikely.”


The band will perform in the USA, Brazil, Greece, the Czech Republic, Finland and Germany, before their last ever show on the 3rd of December at the Kentish Town Forum. Support will come from Grand Magus, Comus and Gentleman’s Pistols.


A final album will also be recorded for 2012 entitled ‘The Last Spire’. As mentioned above, no touring will follow.

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