The organisers of Obscene Extreme are finalising this year’s line-up and we are in for a treat! Announcements of moribund veterans Brutal Truth, re-united Morgoth and more have us salivating already for 2014’s edition of the festival.


Brutal Truth is a name synonymous with urgency, aggression, chaos… grind! With a comeback few others match in intensity, productivity and sheer dedication, the band is now in the final months of its existence due to veteran bassist’s Dan Lilker imminent withdrawal from life on the road (the man turns 50 in a few months!). “When Brutal Truth returned in 2006, it was Obscene Extreme the following year that welcomed them back as very personification of the festival. Now, seven years later we’ll bid them farewell with one final performance.” Obscene Extreme organisers say.


Morgoth, on the other hand, returned from a 16 year hiatus in 2011. The “fathers of German death metal”, as the organisers of Obscene Extreme call them, are already touring extensively and have released the Cursed To Live live album, but of course, as the organisers mention “no classic death metal reunion is truly complete until the band play Obscene Extreme…”


This year’s Obscene Extreme takes place 16-20 July 2014 at Trutnov, Czech Republic.  Headliners for 2014 are Possessed.


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