Blood Revolt Set To Unleash “unforgiving and unrelenting elitism…”

In cooperation with Invictus Productions, Metal Blade Records will release the Blood Revolt debut album ‘Indoctrine’ on 19 July in the UK. The North American release will be handled by Canadian label Profound Lore. Formed by Primordial vocalist extraordinaire A.A. Nemtheanga, Revenge/Conqueror mastermind J. Read, and C. Ross from the now defunct and legendary Canadian extreme metal band Axis Of Advance, Blood Revolt was created to “musically and thematically provoke like no other band in extreme music today”. Nemtheanga’s distinctive soaring vocal melodies and harmonies have rightfully earned him a reputation as one of extreme metal’s most revered vocalists. But how would Nemtheanga’s vocal style work alongside the dynamic brutality that J. Read and C. Ross create?

Well, according to Metal Blade,’Indoctrine’ will stand as one of the most punishing, unique, provocative, intimidating, and controversial metal albums to be released all year. We’re assured that the music is nothing like anything being released in extreme metal today, that it is music that will challenge the listener. And as one might expect, the concept behind ‘Indoctrine’ also raises intrigue and maybe a few eyebrows too as it follows a man’s journey, his revolt against the system and organised religion to end with him finding salvation and vengeance at the barrel of a gun.

“In an age of compromise Blood Revolt is genuine rebellion,” says Nemtheanga,”pushing the boundaries of what is accepted in extreme metal. Blood Revolt is metal with teeth, like it should be. Genuine violence and aggression mixed with the kind of very real and very dark subject matter that would make other bands’ heads spin. No cartoon imagery or fantastical pseudo religious hocus pocus, this is the sniper filing down the pin before picking off innocents, this is the suicide bombers sweaty greasy hand on the ignition, dead bodies piled in the politics of the mass grave. Unforgiving and unrelenting elitism…”

In case you’re in any doubt, here’s the tracklisting:
1. Salvation At The Barrel Of A Gun | 2. Dead City Stare | 3. Bite The Hand, Purge The Flesh | 4. Gods Executioner, Praise Be | 5. My Name In Blood Across The Sky | 6. Indoctrine | 7. Year Zero | 8. The Martyrs Brigade
‘Indoctrine’ is due for release in Europe via Invictus/Metal Blade on 19 July 2010.

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