Swedish death metal zombies BLOOD MORTIZED (featuring ex-members of Amon Amarth, Crypt Of Kerberos, Charta 77 and Stigmata) have set May 18th as the release date of their second studio album “The Key To A Black Heart” via Germany’s FDA Rekotz. The album comprises of ten tracks of nothing but pure Swedish Death Metal.  The band’s drummer Mattias Borgh told Zero Tolerance the band are really psyched about the full-length.


“We worked insanely hard on every small detail to achieve a massive monster of old school death metal the way we like it. A lot of things happened during the year long journey we took in order to finish this album.
First we wrote and arranged the new songs during a period of well over half a year. New guitarist Gustav joined the band and added a perfect blend of dirty solos with a big dose of old heavy metal and a touch of good old blues. Söderlund joined us as a permanent bass player and he added his amazing playing to the album. To top things off we were blessed by having Rick Rozz playing guest guitar solos on two of the songs!
All songs were recorded in one take, we worked very very hard not to fall in the trap of many modern bands who always copy/paste/time stretch/sound replace their whole production. We only used real tube amps played at 11 and real drums of doom haha! What we tried to achieve was an honest in your face production with a strong live feel to it.
Of course you can hear that we grew up and played music during the glory days of Swedish death metal, but we have aimed at writing songs which stand on their own two legs. We don´t want to be a clone band, but a band with our own musical voice. We pay tribute to old school death metal, but done in the Blood Mortized way!
I recorded, mixed, mastered and produced the album in my own studio Underworld Recording and I worked like an animal with Thomas Kynst and Daniel Devilish to get massive artwork and layout for the release. This is a true DIY release!
The fans can choose between THREE different versions, with THREE different covers. The vinyl is a gatefold edition with printed innerbag, a big poster and the bonus song ‘Burn & Die’. The CD has a 12 page booklet with unique artwork for each song and the bonus song Shadow of the quarter sun. These two versions features stunning hand painted artwork by Thomas Kynst. The cassette version comes with both bonus songs from the CD/Vinyl release and showcases artwork which is a homage to the days of VHS cassettes, courtesy of Daniel Devilish”.


1. Unleashing The Hounds
2. The Heretic Possession
3. Only Blood Can Tell
4. Dead & Rotten
5. Doomsday Architect
6. Rekviem
7. To Murder A God
8. Shadow Of The Quarter Sun
9. Bringer Of Eternal Death
10. The Key To A Black Heart


Watch promovideo “Unleashing The Hounds” HERE.

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