The filthier side of the grind spectrum has always prided itself disgusting, provocative, questionable and more often than not, laughable monikers. Again, we may not be the most tasteful folk, but it’s still part of the fun – so fuck you. All things rectal have been a favourite of sonic smut peddlers for obvious reasons and dozens of depraved imaginations have spewed out the likes of Anal Cunt, Bowelfuck, Fecalized Twat, Swallowing Shit, Rectal Smegma and my new personal favourite, Bum Sick. They’re not even all gore/porno grind either. Rear-ending Blastonbury as well as the rest of the UK this week is one-man guitar/computer band Roel Nij, also known as Anal Penetration. While the lines between brutal death/gore/porno are often obscured beyond recognition in a cesspool of blazing riffage, and many will argue over as to what defines what as unique, Nij prefers to classify himself as ‘Drum Computer Speed Grind’, which suits the bill just fine. It doesn’t matter at the end of the day because the synapse searing, utter aural devastation of his tunes transcends any need to put music in boxes and simply delivers the neck snapping goods. In our final instalment before the glorious gong show that is to be Blastonbury 2012 (THIS WEEKEND!) we check in with the man himself to get a little insight into the sodomy.


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ZT: You’re certainly not the only one in the gnarly name game but have you ever had any problems with it? From my experience, I know your releases but when attempting to do research it’s hard to find any info about you, for obvious reasons.


AxPx: No never had any problems with the name except that some venues don’t use the name on posters and that some people avoid me and my music but that actually might be a good thing. It’s mostly funny to have bandname like this especially when people are waiting at the airport with an Anal Penetration sign.


ZT: Why did you choose the name in the first place?


AxPx: I started this project as a joke or experiment recording stuff with drums from computer, guitar and vocals live on cassette recorder. I chose this name because it was the most obvious between all anal bands at the time and I was probably drunk. In the meantime, I noticed I can go in all directions with this name and the people who really care for the music listen to the music. So nothing was planned and afterwards I can’t complain cause I am still able to terrorize some eardrums with this shit and it’s getting better.


ZT: How do you keep this interesting for yourself? As a musician, do you ever feel like you need to challenge yourself with different styles of music? Do you have any side projects?


AxPx: Yeah I do a lot of side projects because I like different styles of music and during the years I became better at playing guitar so I also record some stuff like Bird of Habibah (instrumental rock). I also play in a grind/crust/deathmetal band called The Bitch in the Van and a sludge band called Throw me in the crater. Every now and then we go mental with LSD Mossel (toycore) and in the meantime I do lots of homerecording projects or rehearsals/jamming with various people.


 As for AxPx I try to improve my guitarplaying as well to make crazier riffs within the fixed speed of the drum computer. The bpm won’t change so it’s always going to be fast and aggressive otherwise I quit. To keep it interesting I try to program the drums more dynamical and put more breaks or abrupt changes in it. I’ve started to write some new songs for upcoming release which was a long time ago. And I have a new compilation CD available with some unreleased stuff from recordings between 2009 and 2012 and some songs from various other releases that I play live.


ZT: What have you been listening to lately that you think is going to have some influence on your next release?


AxPx: I listen a lot of music that has nothing to do with grindcore or deathmetal and I can’t name any direct influence. I try to avoid influences but there’s always a presence of demonic deathmetal, speedmetal, and straightforward grindcore and the best result comes when I am mindfukked and outrageous.


ZT: In your 12 years as AxPx you’ve done a load of splits. Do you prefer this over just releasing your stuff? What are the advantages/drawbacks of doing it this way?


AxPx: Yeah splits are a nice way to share a release with friends I’ve been in contact with for a while. I also prefer to have a short running time of each release because it takes some time to write and record this shit and for that I have to be in a certain aggressive mood, which is not always. It’s also good to spread the music in a better way via bands or friends who have the same mentality in music.


ZT: In a lot of ways it’s all been done in porno/goregrind. Can it get any sicker? What’s the next frontier? How are you going to top the rest of the grinding filth mongers?


AxPx: Musically and lyrically I personally don’t think I have much to do with with most porn or goregrind bands but I don’t care to which genre I belong. People should listen to the music and stop whining about styles and image or political correctness in any way. I am a preacher of the apocalypse, I wander in the woods, I am in this band alone and read the most nihilistic stuff on the internet and still I release stuff with colour artwork without handnumbering them or counting tits ‘n ass. As long as the music is mental and there’s beer, I’m fine…


ZT: I’ve found the underground grind scene in The Netherlands to be quite healthy with a lot of support from a lot of people. Would you say this is the case? Do you find it any harder then someone else might playing just straight up goregrind or more politically oriented grind?


AxPx: Yeah there’s a lot going on in the Netherlands in general. I play with any kind of band at any kind of party I don’t really care. Luckily there’s enough people who aren’t narrow-minded so I get invited every now and then and cunts I rather avoid and ignore anyway.


ZT: Who are you looking forward to seeing at Blastonbury?


AxPx: The bargirls and Nick if he’s in this dimension. I’ll only be there on the sunday because I’m doing a tour with Cemetery Rapist which will surely already be mental the days before we arrive in Leeds but I’ll be most happy to see some friends and bands I’ve met during previous UK visits or elsewhere in Europe and of course to get to know some new freaks, see some crazy bands and drink a lot of beer.


Check out the AxPx jams HERE and buy his shit HERE.


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And if you can’t make that, he’ll be playing a FREE GIG with Cemetery Rapist, Foetal Juice, and Regurgitate Life at The Unicorn in Camden on October 10. RSVP BITCHES. 



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