Not yoga metal, for those of you who’ve jumped to conclusions. Metal lovers everywhere are incorporating their passion for the musical genre in other aspects of their lives.

Let’s face it, half of you metalheads out there have never set foot on a treadmill, or even once considered an exercise class in your lives—So let’s try a new approach to our health, as we kick it off with some “Black Yoga.” Namaste, dudes!

That’s exactly the kind of “awesome” a married couple have brought to their own little yoga studio space in Pittsburgh, PA—brilliantly located at the Murder Room at Commonwealth Press’ South Side warehouse. They call themselves BLACK YO)))GA.

Kimee and Scott Massie together have partnered a dark style of flowing Vinyasa yoga with an ambient infusion of drone, stoner, industrial and doom metal—soundtracking bands like Sun O))), Ulver, Earth, Om and Horseback, while practicing traditional yoga exercises and techniques in a darker atmosphere.

The benefits of their classes include: Decrease in stress, anxiety & depression; improved balance & posture; self-confidence; increased energy, strength & flexibility; and of course awesome/unique music!

Now close your eyes, and inhale the breath of unholy creation as we strike the Mountain Pose… Do it, I said!

Thanks for dropping in!

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