black trip 

The second full-length from Black Trip is complete! The Swedes’ sophomore album is titled Shadowline and will see the (cold) light of day on 28 August 2015 via SPV/Steamhammer.


Black Trip is a band started by Entombed drummer (who plays the guitar here) Peter Stjärnvind, Daniel Bergkvist (drums, also in Wolf) and Enforcer guitarist (who sings here) Joseph Tholl. Their debut full-length Goin’ Under saw the addition of Sebastian Ramstedt (guitar, ex-Nifelheim, ex-Necrophobic) and Jonah Bergebäck (bass, ex-Nifelheim, ex-Necrophobic), whereas Jonas Wikstrand (also in Enforcer) sat behind the drum-kit.


This stellar line-up entered The Honk Palace studio and, under the guidance of none-other-than Nicke Andersson (Hellacopters, Death Breath, ex-Entombed), recorded their new album Shadowline.


Singer Joseph Tholl comments: “When Goin’ Under was being shaped it was basically just me and Peter. But during that time we got offered gigs here in Sweden before we even had a band, so very quickly we had to get the other guys on board so we could play these gigs and record the album. Me and Jonas (Wikstrand) didn’t know the other guys that well so we’ve all been on this journey, getting to know each other and growing together as a band. We all love heavy metal, that’s the common bond that binds us, but we all have our different tastes and different musical backgrounds because me and Jonas are from a different musical generation than Peter, Sebastian and Johan. With the writing and recording of Shadowline we have grown together and it really feels like we have become a band now. We’ve influenced each other and we’ve begun to understand what our potential is, what we can do and what we can’t do. Every band member has contributed in one way or another to the shaping of this album and following on from what we did on Goin’ Under this was a very natural step for us. With the first album we were establishing the foundations of our sound, now with Shadowline we have started to build the framework of the band.”

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