Think you know everything there is to know about Black Sabbath?


Only Ozzy, Tony, Geezer and Bill could tell you the whole truth.   Alternatively, relinquish your mind, and allow “Black Sabbath and Philosophy: Mastering Reality” to help you discover the deepest meanings and motivations behind these genre defining legends.  Book available October 31st, worldwide!


ZT spoke exclusively to Professor William Irwin, (die-hard Sabbath fan, and professor of philosophy at King’s College in Pennsylvania), about his collaboration with a team of metalhead colleagues, and their latest book designed to take you on the ultimate thought-provoking journey into the mystical realm of Black Sabbath and uncover the philosophical workings that fuel this group’s musical fires, and keeps their metal gears churning.



The Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture Series have taken on a new task, to spread an even more profound appreciation for these heavy metal gods, known throughout the world as one of the most influential and withstanding groups of all time.


Discovering Sabbath in a natural misspent youth sort of way, Irwin’s passion for heavy metal has been evolving since 1982.  His desire to combine philosophy and Sabbath came just in time for the highly anticipated new album and reunion tour ever approaching.



We asked what he wanted his readers to gain from this Sabbath experience:  “We’re trying to vindicate Sabbath, and show what a lot of fans already know; that there’s some real depth to the lyrics, as well as to the music, which has just been groundbreaking.  Everyone knows the signature riffs to “Iron Man,” “Paranoid,” and “War Pigs.”  And what people who aren’t really Sabbath fans don’t realize is the lyrics really deal with topics such as war, and peace, environmental issues, existential despair.  There’s a wealth of literary references in the lyrics as well.



Excited yet?  Check out what to expect below!
•    Discusses and debates essential Black Sabbath topics and themes, such as the problem of evil, “War Pigs” and the nature of just war theory, whether or not Sabbath is still Sabbath without Ozzy, and whether “evil is in the ear of the beholder”
•    Gives you new perspectives on Black Sabbath’s music and lyrics
•    Provides a deeper appreciation and understanding of Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, Bill Ward, and Ronnie James Dio
•    Brings some of history’s heaviest thinkers to bear on the band’s music, from Aristotle and Nietzsche to Schopenhauer and Marx
Available through all major booksellers worldwide (Amazon, Waterstones, Barnes & Noble)


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