Italian occult doom metal magicians BLACK OATH have announced they are about to release their second full-length opus “Ov Qliphoth And Darkness”. The follow up to 2011’s “The Third Aeon” is due out early 2013 through a yet undisclosed label.


The band, as usual in their case, don’t reveal much information about the album, yet they issued ZT with an exclusive statement on it: “It is 2 years since we composed the first song of this new album. I am proud to say it contains a summit of all our past releases. It is 100% ITALIAN school, morbid and obscure… some tracks contains riffs slower than ever but it doesn’t miss fast tracks (like final part of ‘The Black Oath’ song). It is CURSED ROCK MUSICK… doom was just the beginning”!


For more information about BLACK OATH, visit the band’s official Facebook page.

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