10624890_835554093144452_1012623755015393806_nSome of the blackest bands in today’s metal have united forces in order to eliminate all traces of life – live. Inquisition, Archgoat, Onsdskapt and Blackdeath hit the road in January for a three-week European tour. The black mass will stop at London for the only UK date on 29 January 2015.


Inquisition squeaker and riff-master Dagon sets the context:  “The time has come to close the black circle, and journey together as one shadow by gathering what we feel is a line-up of cults that we know will offer the atmosphere we seek to bring to you. We are honored to have assembled and bring to all followers this occasion to witness live in the flesh, in support of the Inquisition headlining tour 2015. As direct support we have chosen the beast of Archgoat right out of Finland for their long dedication to Black Metal and the art of occult music in general; simply one of our favorite bands and a classic act. Equally proud to have with us will be the obscure Swedish cult Ondskapt casting their potent dose of highly lethal poisons, and, the unique darkened souls of Blackdeath from Russia evoking abstract rites of dark frequencies whom we are very proud to have joining us. From beginning to end throughout the evening, we would like to offer an occasion of ritual to the ancient ones and initiation to the newly arrived. Raise the chalice!”



The beasts at Archgoat comment: “The time is at hand to continue the Black Crusade against the religion of the weak and oppressed with our brothers Inquisition. Black Metal is all about preaching and spreading the doctrine of satanism and we feel honoured to team up with band such as Inquisition who has done this for over 2 decades. There are not many tours where you have 2 bands with combined track record of over 50 years true satanic black metal. This is our Worship, This is Our Path, Hail Satan…”



The show is brought to London by Old Empire. Tickets can be found at the Underworld website.

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