Black/folk metal trio Varde announce debut Fedraminne

Former Nordjevel guitarist Nord has teamed up with Koll and D’arn (Alsvartr) to form the band Varde in order to bring authentic folk black metal back to life. Their debut Fedraminne will be released via Nordvis on 27 November 2020.

Two years after their independently released EP Asgaardsreien, Varde have now crafted eight new compositions which demonstrate a sometimes furious, sometimes calm mixture of black metal and folk, without being afraid of also venturing in the area of industrial and even jazz soundscapes. Lyricwise Varde focus on traditional Norwegian poems from the 19th century and more than once atmospheric pictures of Ulver’s first album Bergtatt – Et Eeventyr I 5 Capitler come to mind. Even though Varde transcend the borders of traditional folk black metal from Norway, their roots are firmly set and displayed.

The cover artwork of Fedraminne was designed by David Thiérrée who is known for his graphical works for among others Behemoth and Mortiis, but also the latest EP by Ihsahn.

Fedraminne tracklist:
1. Kystbillede del I
2. Halvdan Svarte
3. Forbundet
4. Et Gammelnorskt Herresæde
5. Fedraminne
6. Skuld
7. Koll med Bilen del I
8. Kystbillede del II

Sweden’s Nordvis Produktion has recently given Varde a home and will release Fedraminne on 27 November 2020. More info about the band can be found on Varde’s Facebook and Bandcamp pages.

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