BEHEMOTH GUITARIST/VOCALIST ADAM “NERGAL” DARSKI has been linked to a Polish version of X-Factor called The Voice (a format also successful in the U.S.) of Poland. Darski, who first hit the Polish mainstream media through his relationship with pop-star Doda and for the burning of bibles, is apparently on the verge to signing on as a judge for the show. “Nergal”, who is recovering from Leukaemia, commented as follows:


“I haven’t signed a deal yet, but I got a deal waiting and most probably, it’s happening. So it’s going to be fun. The first black metal judge ever in history doing a mainstream thing, you know? People are going to freak out! Some are going to love it, some are going to fucking hate it. But that’s what this music has always been about, right? To provoke, to cause different opinions. The more extreme opinions, the better, I think.”


Meanwhile Behemoth is set to return to full-gear, having recently filmed a video for the song “Lucifer” off their 2009-album ‘Evangelion’. Darski continues: “We’re going to come back, we want to remind people of our existence obviously, but we want to make a fucking impact, an impression. We want to show them that, hey, we are still fucking evolving. We’re not just hoping that you’ll come to see us because I was sick. Fuck that. I’ll be better soon and we’re going to deliver!”

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