Following Nergal’s bone marrow transplant last December, Polish extremists Behemoth have announced they will be back up and gigging again in October. The front-man was diagnosed with leukaemia last August, which resulted in numerous cancellations for the band.


Behemoth have announced a string of Polish warm-up dates between Oct 08 – Oct 21st, hinting at the possibility of a European tour in 2012. Nergal comments;


“I just came back from the first Behemoth gathering since my imprisonment. We were brainstorming about the future of the band. We wanna make sure our upcoming shows will be our best yet. Live performance must be raised to the next level. Set list will be refreshed pretty much. Some of the songs we have never played live. Lots of work but we are more than ready to bite the bullet! Wait and see and be surprised!”

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