German heavy/epic/doom metal warlords Atlantean Kodex are busy writing new songs for the follow-up of their 2010 Cruz Del Sur Music debut, the much praised “The Golden Bough”.


The band’s guitarist Manuel Trummer comments: “The new album is slowly starting to take shape. So far we have around 30 minutes of all new, unreleased material. There won’t be any demo songs or older songs from previous releases on the album. Regarding the general direction, you can expect the same sound and atmosphere as on
The Golden Bough. There won’t be any change in style whatsoever. The stuff we have written so far ranges from nice headbanging up-tempo anthems to some of the slowest and most epic stuff we have done… it’s safe to say that our key coordinates still are ‘Into Glory Ride’ – era Manowar, Viking-era Bathory, arcane 80’s U.S. Metal served with a healthy dose of NWOBHM, folk and 70’s vibes. All regressive, all ATLANTEAN KODEX”.


More details on how the Atlantean Kodex’s sophomore album progresses can be found at Cruz Del Sur Music’s website HERE.

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