US, Western Pennsylvania’s dealers in doomed heavy metal ARGUS have announced they are working on a new EP. The self-produced release, titled “Blood, Fire, Beer”, will be strictly limited to 100 copies. The band are coming down to the wire on it, as they need this for their trip to Dublin Doom Days that are planned for Sept 28 – 29th.


Argus guitarist Erik Johnson told ZT more about the release and the band’s forthcoming full-length album: “We recorded 3 tracks (2 of which are covers) and included 3 live tracks as well. The original track is titled ‘The Hands of Time Are Bleeding’ which is a mid tempo Argus number with a mix of the usual heavy/doom riffage and ‘maiden-esque’ harmony work. The two covers include ‘On the Turning Away’ by Pink Floyd and ‘Johnny’ by Thin Lizzy. The Lizzy tune was a no brainer for us – as for the Floyd tune, we beefed it up a bit and gave it a bit of the Argus treatment while still retaining much of the original feel/intent of the song.
With regards to the third album, our initial goal to enter into the studio earlier this year took a detour due to real life/personal issues and a concentrated focus on getting to Dublin Doom Days. We will be back on track to pick up where we left off this Spring after our trip to Ireland. Most of the songs are pretty well finished musically minus some details and tweaking. Vocals are yet to be realized for much of the record but we usually are at our best working under pressure ;) We anticipate a Spring release for ‘Beyond The Martyrs’ and strongly believe the wait will be worth it to the fans of the band!”


A rough live version of the new track on the EP can be streamed HERE.

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