Algy Ward is readying to park his tanks on Tank’s lawn in little over a month’s time with the release of a new self-performed album that he’s issuing under the Tank name.

It’s called Breath of the Pit and it’ll be the first full-length album Ward’s made since the 2002 Tank record Still At War.

‘But, wait!’ I hear you cry. ‘Haven’t Tank put out two new albums since 2010?’

The answer is: sort of. The incarnation of Tank that’s been touring for the past couple of years is the brainchild of  Mick Tucker and Cliff Evans, two guitarists who joined the band in 1983 and ‘84 respectively. Algy formed Tank in 1980 and the first line-up of the group consisted of himself on bass and vocals, with Mark and Pete Brabbs handling drums and guitar.

So in some people’s eyes, the version of Tank currently performing with Doogie White as its front-man is…well, a bit like Mikkey Dee and Phil Campbell touring as “Motorhead” without Lemmy.

Anyway, Breath of the Pit will contain ten tracks and it’s been engineered by Ward and Guy Phillips at two locations in Kent: the Tankroom in Tunbridge Wells and The Granary at Lamberhurst. Here’s the tracklisting:

01. Breath Of The Pit

02. T-34

03. Kill Or Be Killed

04. Healing The Wounds Of War

05. Stalingrad (Time Is Blood)

06. Victim

07. Crawl Back Into Your Hole

08. Retribution

09. Conflict Primeval

10. Circle Of Willis

The album’s going to be released via 4WorldsMedia (Southworld) and it’ll be available worldwide from June 3rd 2013. See the album’s artwork over at

And make no mistake, this is Tank album through and through. In a 2009 statement to Classic Rock, Algy said: “The band name Tank, associated logos and images are my sole intellectual property and copyright.” So, essentially, it looks like he’s taking back his band by force with this release.

Listen to a demo of track 9, Conflict Primeval, below:



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