Leeds Black/Thrashers Acral Necrosis have ended their about-year-long hiatus by releasing a live album entitled ‘Live Alcoholocaust’, available now for download and on cassette. They have previously released an EP called ‘Eternal Nuklear Violation’ (2007), a three-way split with Warfist and Witchtrap (2008, both via Ground Zero Ent.) and toured exhaustively in the U.K., particularly during the late noughties.


ZT spoke to Frontman/Guitarist Al Bulmer about the band’s resurrection, their ginger lead-guitarist and what the future may bring.


1. You recently returned from a year-long stay in Canada. What were his experiences across the pond and is the band now back in top gear?


Al: I did indeed, it was a good experience… I met Slaughter’s Dave Hewson, saw Blasphemy’s first live ritual in fuckin’ ages and hung out with junkies in Montreal. I also discovered that chips, cheese and gravy is called ‘poutine’. Good times. I then ran out of money and my visa expired. The band is back in top gear! Its taken a while but we’re now ready and eager to go!


2. What is the current line-up? Are you planning to perform live?


Al: T. Bond (Bass) regrettably left, he was in a fishing accident. Same line up otherwise, just in transition between bassists at the moment… Yeah from June/July we plan to be back with a full on Acral Attack!

(Since the interview Derek Carley of Burial has joined the band on bass – ed.)


3. You recently released ‘Live Alcoholocaust’, a live performance 2009 at the Snooty Fox, on tape and online-download. Tell us about this release and the performance itself.


Al: We wanted to release something to remind whoever is paying attention that we’re back. It’s an appalling, drunken performance … fuck ups aplenty. It’s a bit tongue-in-cheek and a way of getting a ‘newer’ release out there as we’ve been off the radar for a while.


4. A split 7″ with Witchaven was announced a few years back via your label Atomik Hell Produktions. Whatever happened to the label and the split?


Al: I’m gutted this didn’t go ahead. I’m not sure what happened, Atomik Hell wasn’t my operation. It was announced as I was leaving for Canada and then nothing materialised… I messaged Witchaven recently seeing if they’d still be interested, but I fear we’ve missed the boat for that one.


5. Your guitarist recently shaved his head. Did he find arse-length ginger hair repellent to the opposite gender?


Al: Hahaha! Good question. He’s engaged so I don’t think that’s the case.


6. So what’s next for Acral Necrosis? A full-length perhaps?


Al: We are currently in the studio for a promo and full length – its about time! Previous releases haven’t really captured our sound so we want something out there that is more representative of the Acral Necrosis assault. I’m also planning a self-released split – most likely on cassette as I’m too poor to get vinyl pressed. It will be ‘Hell Blackened Thrash’ and ‘Quantum Death Lord’. We’ve never released ‘Hell Blackened Thrash’, it was originally intended to be on the announced split above, and it definitely needs some wider distribution. Who it will be with I do not know…


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