Italian industrial black metal wizards ABORYM, as previously reported, will enter the studio in October to record their new, yet-to-be-titled album, which is slated for an early 2013 release via Poland’s Agonia Records. ZT, however, was first to learn more about the follow-up to “Psychogrotesque”, as the band’s mainman Fabban let us in his somehow delirious world:


“Everyone in the band is getting overexcited for the recording of our new album. We are writing music with ”new rules”, using our instruments as no one ever did before and we are so fuckin’ stocked. We are ready to record one of the most innovative, engaging, eye-poppin’ album ever. Writing a record is overwhelming. Writing an Aborym record is overwhelming and delirious but it’s something really difficult to explain at the same time… it feels like a neverending fall into emptiness, and it’s impossible to know when or where you will land. The rough mixes sound great and they are the result of a whole year of very hard work. Hard work pays off and that’s true. It’s the most intelligent way of achieving things. Working really hard for something will definitely yield progress, even if that progress often comes only by sacrificing other parts of your life. I didn’t have much of a social life during that period eh eh… Anyway, so many people are asking me now, what genre and sound will our new album bring, and so I tell them: as much as I am loving it I cannot predict what our sixth baby will look like… but it will be a 100% Aborym album, that’s for sure. It’s gonna be a really unexpected heavy album and I can’t wait to bring it out there”.


To find out more about Aborym, click HERE.

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