A UK exclusive video preview from THE ORDER OF ISRAFEL

ZT are pleased to present a UK exclusive video from our friends at Napalm Records:



Doom, Hard Rock, Metal, Folk – THE ORDER OF ISRAFEL play with many elements, and have formed compact unit of it. Their debut, ‘Wisdom’, is set to be released on 1st September in the UK via Napalm Records, and promises a high potential of musical addiction. The Sweded from the heavy metal mecca of Gothenburg have now unveiled the artwork, track listing & release dates of the upcoming album:


Track Listing:
1. Wisdom
2. The Black Wings A Demon
3. The Noctuus
4. The Earth Will Deliver What Heaven Desires
5. The Order
6. Born For War
7. Promises Made To The Earth
8. The Vow
9. Morning Sun (Satanas)

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