chrisztLast Thursday I had a phone call from Dean Robson, the guitarist of Designs Of Chaos, telling me that the band’s drummer, Chris Crammond had died.
Just days after his fortieth birthday, Chris had tragically lost his life in an accident at work.
It’s always incredibly hard to take in this sort of news, but it was harder than usual to assimilate when I’d been drinking and chatting with Chris just days before, having watched Designs Of Chaos turn in another excellent live set at the Garage in London. Watching Chris play always reminded me of the great Gene Hoglan – the way he towered over his kit and destroyed it with an almost casual ease, but for all his size and strength, Chris was a genuinely nice guy, always friendly and always approachable. In fact all of Designs Of Chaos are a nice bunch of guys and it has been a real pleasure watching them play and getting to know them over the last five years.
My heart goes out to all of them as I know they are devastated having lost a band mate and a friend. Chris’ wife, Natalie, was always at the band’s shows that I attended, supporting him every step of the way and it’s of course she who will feel his tragic loss most of all.
All of us at ZT send our heartfelt sympathy to Chris’ family and friends and I hope all of you out there will raise a glass in tribute to Chris Crammond – a good guy, a great drummer and a fellow metalhead.

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