3Teeth hungry for new album, EndEx

3TEETH have announced plans for their first album in four years. The eagerly-anticipated EndEx will be released via Century Media on 22 September. The album paints a brutal soundscape from the modern industrialists.

EndEx highlights humanity’s techno-social disintegration through songs such as ‘Merchant Of The Void’ which touches on the bleak landscape of today’s society, twisted by the growing A.I. prevalence coupled with economic collapse.

Of new single ‘Scorpion’, vocalist Alexis Mincolla says: “The scorpion symbolizes the challenge to confront and integrate those parts of ourselves that we repress, ignore, or fear. It invites a descent into the depths of the personal and collective unconscious. Its venom is the entropic catalyst for the dissolution of old, rigid structures of the psyche, making room for rebirth. To acknowledge and embrace the scorpion is to accept the necessity of change.”

You can check out the new single right here…

To lay the foundation for EndEx, 3TEETH migrated to the desert quiet of Joshua Tree, escaping the palpable anxiety of their hometown Los Angeles for fresh new perspective. The material is being wrapped up with a solid extended team including the accomplished sound designer Mick Gordon (best known for his work on the gaming phenomenon DOOM), who produced several of the tracks along with producer Nick Rowe and mixer Sean Beavan (NIN), bringing in another dimension to the band’s unmistakable sound.

Says Gordon, “3TEETH are one of my favorite acts. They proudly fly their own unique flag. The new album charts course through the next stage of our vanity-led evolution as a species, and by that I mean the album is a world unto itself. I’m just stoked that these guys have allowed me along for the ride.”

You can pre-order EndEx here.

EndEx tracklist

1. Xenogenesis
2. Acme Death Machine
3. Slum Planet
4. What’s Left
5. Merchant of the Void
6. Higher Than Death
7. ALI3N
8. Plutonomicon
9. Paralyze (feat. Ho99o9)
10. Scorpion
11. Drift
12. Everybody Wants To Rule The World

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