SWR Barroselas Metalfest is one of Europe’s most unique festivals. Taking place in the mountaintop village of Barroselas, Portugal, the festival boasts diversely heavy and impressive line ups and is officially sponsored by Zero Tolerance.


ZT spoke to Steel Warrior, Rebel, and festival organiser Ricardo Veiga on the history of the fest, his favourite performances, and Abbath’s grim stage show…


It’s your 15th anniversary this year, congratulations! How did SWR Barroselas start? Tell us about the origins of the fest. Where did the idea come from to start this?

Many thanks! SWR started in 1998 with only 5 bands in our hometown Barroselas… a small show for 200 people. We were a bunch of friends that were working at the time with a fanzine, a band and booking some locals shows… it all developed in a festival that 15 years after has about 60 bands from all over the world, 3 stages and 5 days of total mayhem… insane 15 years!


What do you believe has helped you stay relevant and in business for so many years?
Well, mostly perseverance, focus and a totally different attitude within music. We usually say: “from fans and to the fans!”


What band has put on the best performance in the history of the fest?

I must say Bolt Thrower but we also had killer shows by Enslaved, Ratos De Porao or Immolation, for example.


Which bands are you most excited to host this year?

That’s a tricky question because I must say all of them… anyway I’m really excited to see in our festival bands like Hypocrisy, Asphyx, Angel Witch, Hail of Bullets, Coffins and Malignant Tumour. It will be a wet dream for many extreme music fans, that’s for sure! For me as well…


Explain the “exclusive show built at the own image of Abbath’s Nordic legions”.

For sure it will be dark and grim, with pyro and all that rockstar shit they are used to!


How long do you plan to keep the fest going? What are your goals for the fest? Do you have any plans for the future you can tell us about?

We intend to keep the festival going for another 15 years with the same feeling and attitude. That’s our main goal!


Are there any bands you haven’t yet booked that you’d like to host in the future?

For sure, there are lots of them… Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation, Ghost and Neurosis would be a fucking dream!



SWR Barroselas Metalfest XV will take place on 26th-30th April in Barroselas Portugal. For more info, check out their website HERE or view a teaser HERE




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