ZT: 2011 has been a busy year for BTK, what have been the highlights?

Tarquin BTK: There have been many over the course of the last 12 months. I think for me personally, the shows with General Surgery and London Deathfest with Deicide were both amazing. I love both bands, so be able to play alongside them was truly awesome. That said, how do you pick an absolute highlight? I mean, we got to play with Malevolent Creation, tour Europe and got amazing reviews for the album, so overall it’s been a rewarding year. Away from the music, there was a couple of twenty-somethings that we abducted not so long ago that provided us with much merriment.

ZT: You round off the year playing the ZT Winterfest. Are you looking forward to one final opportunity to add to the death toll before the end of the year?

Tarquin BTK : We can’t wait for this show! We have wanted to play with some bands outside our normal playing circles, so this is ideal. ZT have also supported us a lot over the year, so doing this as part of their Winterfest is also very cool for us. Plus, the thought of lots of unsuspecting victims in one place is nothing short of arousing.

ZT: Are BTK planning anything special for the show?


Tarquin BTK: We have a few things up our sleeve; we are conscious that we have played London quite a bit this year, so are playing a different set. It’s also our first show in London without the Professor, who is still evading the law. Playing as a 3 piece definitely adds a different, and dare I say, more extreme edge to our performance. I think that this show will also serve as a finish to this phase of promoting “The Second Cumming”, as next year we will be working and releasing new material.


ZT: So what will 2012 hold for BTK?

Tarquin BTK: 2012 is already shaping up to be another big year! We are filming a video in January for ‘Severed Head Fellatio’. Then we are heading back to the studio to record a single, ‘Gorgasmic Movements In The Dark’, which will also lead to a new album. Then we have a tour with Prostitute Disfigurement and our friends in Desecration and Cancerous Womb in May. We also have several dates overseas in the pipeline as well, although we can’t really say too much about that at the moment. So its looking like we will be taking another big step up, and the crimes will only become more horrific.



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