ZT stream upcoming album from Orkan on Dark Essence Records

ZT have teamed up with our friends at Dark Essence to bring you a stream of the upcoming Orkan album Element.

Having fought their way through cancer and rare, crippling muscular diseases, ORKAN are now ready
with the follow up to 2015’s LIVLAUS. The new album, titled ELEMENT, deals with the power and
ferocity of the four elements, and is a homage to the unforgiving strength of the earth, and the
landscape of their native land, the Island of Stord.

Fronting ORKAN is TAAKE guitarist Gjermund Fredheim, notorious for creating the only banjo solo in
Black Metal. The band sets itself apart from its peers, being highly technically skilled, whilst, at the
same time, being capable of conjuring up an uncompromising all-­enveloping darkness. Conceived and
recorded during a particularly demanding period in the band’s history, ELEMENT, was a difficult album
to make, both technically, and on a psychological level. Taxing to both mind and body, the result is as
rewarding as it was difficult to achieve. Offering more layered and complex production and songs,
ELEMENT is not made to pass you by, but to draw you in and totally envelop you.



Band website: https://www.facebook.com/ORKANMETAL/
Label website: www.darkessencerecords.no

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