Back in April of this year, atmospheric black metal project, Arx Atrata, released the ambitious, imaginative and quite brilliant EP, The Warrior Cycle. A split venture with Bleakwinter Shrine and featuring absorbing interludes from Arx Atrata’s ambient other self, Arx Silvestris, The Warrior Cycle was entirely instrumental and yet told an epic tale of tragedy, loss and revenge.
Now Ben Sizer, the man behind Arx Atrata has decided to bring the conclusion of The Warrior Cycle saga to vivid, visual life. The imagery of this new video for the EP’s climactic closing track, ‘Succession’, deftly captures the story that the song spun so wonderfully without words.

Ben explains more about the unique concept of The Warrior Cycle and embracing the visual medium for ‘Succession’…

 “The Warrior Cycle was unusual in that although it was an instrumental release it was built around a strong narrative theme, the idea coming from Bleakwinter Shrine as a way to unify our work on the split record. With no lyrics to explain it, we decided to have the storyline included in the liner notes to give listeners some additional context and help them paint the imagery in their minds while listening to the record. But there was a realization that we could go further and show the storyline visually, setting the music to a short video that really captures the essence of the theme and provides an interpretation of the events within. 

“As Arx Atrata’s first live action music video there was a desire to do this properly with real actors and direction, so Ritual Video were drafted in for this due to their prior experience at setting metal music to short films. The video was shot on location in south Wales with the Welsh landscape providing a suitably epic backdrop to the story.

“The video for ‘Succession’ represents the end of the tale where the hero, having previously lost his family at the hands of his enemy, is finally able to seek out his foe and have his long-desired retribution – but at the price of realising that he has merely perpetuated the cycle of violence. Is revenge ever worth it?”


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