1658Napalm Records threw us over a little something from Vienna’s Russkaja – a band mix catchy rhythms, riffing, punk spirit, Russian disco and even country and ska – slightly off the beaten track for us we know, but what the hell, it’s Summer.

Here’s what the band have to say about the track we’re sharing here: “‘El Pueblo Unido’“ (on our upcoming album Peace, Love & Russian Roll – out 31st July) is the first journey in southerly climes: An up-tempo Ska song in Spanish plus South American flair including mariachi choirs. The content is to unite with like-minded people and to fight with the peace flag in hand for a planet where all peoples of the world have space and respect each other. The idea is to end oppression and injustice – a song that couldn’t be released at a proper time! The whole atmosphere is wrapped in groovy mid-tempo beats with playful vocals. Respect the people and people respect you!”

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