It’s always joyous occasion isn’t it – being given an advance listen to a new track from the murky depths of extreme music’s underbelly… We think so which is why we’re usually happy to oblige when a label asks us to join forces to stream a new release, especially when it’s as good as the one you’re about to hear from Akhlys!  The track we’re streaming is entitled ‘Consummation’ from their new album The Dreaming I, slated for release on April the 10th on Debemur Morti Productions – but you can pre-order a copy here.

In case you’re wondering: Akhlys was created by Naas Alcameth (Nightbringer, Bestia Arcana) in 2009 to serve as a voice for the Muse that arises from the dark lands between death and dreams. A 37 minute, single-track, dark ambient album entitled Supplication was released in limited number by Starlight Temple Society the same year. Since that time Akhlys has been slowly fleshed anew, arising again as a dark ambient and black metal unification, the reification of dream sojourn through the chambers of Yesod.


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