English Dogs + Reign Of Fury + Kremated + The Heretic Order
November 2015, London, Highbury Garage
Words + pics: Chris Kee

For this array of British metal talent the turnout at the Garage tonight is nothing short of pitiful. It really is a crying shame to see three hardworking, underground outfits and one pioneering, genre-defying and defining band given so little support. Still, I’m not about to let apathy spoil my evening…

The Heretic Order get proceedings underway and they seem much sharper that our last encounter at Titan Fest – maybe because this time I haven’t seen half a dozen bands already, or sunk half a dozen pints. The quality really shines through their wailing leads and melodic riffs – it’s a classic metal performance with a dark edge and I’m impressed. Kremated are next and they are quite simply fucking savage. Good and nasty British thrash with all that that entails. Pete Dee is an imposing frontman with the character to pull off the role and sick riffs to spare. Like last time I saw them, ‘Metal Anarchy’ is a masterstroke and I’m left wondering if Kremated may not be the natural successor to Warfare.

ED3While I’ve always been impressed with Reign Of Fury’s recorded output tonight they struggle to follow the brute force of Kremated. There’s no denying they’re the most technically adept, melodic and polished of all the bands so far, but sadly there’s a fraction of the impact. Which is not something you can say about English Dogs [pictured] who attack from the first note, ignoring the tragic turnout like the seasoned professionals they are and making sure those who have turned out to support them get one hell of a show. There’s an array of material from latest album The Thing With Two Heads that all sounds even better than on the album – especially the vicious ‘Turn Away From The Light’ – but there’s plenty for the older fans too, with ‘Survival Of The Fittest’ making a welcome appearance. A magnificent performance from the Dogs in the face of unforgivable indifference.

Thanks for dropping in!

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