ZT EXCLUSIVE: Abaddon Incarnate discuss new split EP with Phobia

How does a bunch of Dublin death-grinders break into the US market? Well, I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to release three new tracks on a split EP with American grind legends Phobia.

‘Ian from the label Underground Movement asked us, would we like to do the split? He was in touch with the guys from Phobia,’ explains Steve Meher; vocalist/guitarist in the band. ‘We like Phobia’s music and always wanted some vinyl out and also it’s an opportunity to build our profile in America so we were happy to do this release. We also had 3 songs pretty much finished in rehearsals and we were eager to get them out there as we were unsure when we were going to be able to record a new album.’

The tracks at first appear to have a slightly filthier, almost crust-punk influence than before, although Steve doesn’t quite agree.

‘I don’t think we sound like a punk band at all. It’s metal grind with a death metal vibe going on. It’s nothing you wouldn’t have heard on an old Morbid angel demo for example.’ However, he points out; ‘this time we used a raw and natural drum sound as we felt it was way too processed on our last album, ‘Cascade,’ so its filthy like it should be!’

Satanic and occultist themes are what the band have more or less always stuck with through their 16 year career, and Steve states that is unlikely to change.

‘For the foreseeable future (as I don’t like to say never), the songs will be primarily about occult shit, as that’s what I like to hear when I listen to music. I’m not into preaching politics to anyone, or writing about porn or gore. It doesn’t suit me/us.’

‘Chthonic Sacrifice,’ the first of the three tracks on the EP, I am told, is all about Mayan human sacrifice. Maya being an ancient religion practiced by the Mesoamerican people which involved the worship of nature gods and sacrificial offerings to them (and which is still practiced to a much lesser extent today.) ‘Dragging innocent kids into a cave and bashing his brains in with a club for some weird religious reason. Why does organised religion always seem to hate kids?’ he muses. ‘‘Vermin Apocalypse’ is a kind of historical comment on the plague doctors during the time of the Black Death, and Crucible would be a “Satanic” song; it’s introverted and searching, but it’s not blasphemy or anything like that. It’s pretty personal.’

Long-time followers of Abaddon Incarnate will be aware of their troubled history with labels. Things didn’t work out with Season Of Mist, they had a short stint on Dave Rotten’s Xtreem Music label and things are now looking fairly good with Metal Age. Still, nothing is without it’s problems.

‘The problem is now the world market for CDs. They are really suffering, and also they had some disaster last year with all their stock getting flooded, so they have some money problems, which are sorted now but they need some time to get back up to where they were before they can invest in another album. But they are cool guys and have always been very communicative and supportive which is great.’

So a new album is not quite imminent then?

‘We are writing material for a new album. If we have some spare time and the financing at the end of the year we might be able to squeeze one out, if not it will be have to be in 2012.’

In the meantime, Abaddon Incarnate will be doing their thing on the live circuit. ‘We have some UK tour dates, supporting General Surgery. London Purple Turtle 29th May, Leicester 28th, and Liverpool 27th. And we are investigating the possibility of hitting the north, Newcastle and Scotland as well.’


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