Fancy a gawp at Zakk Wylde’s meat? Yes? Well then, you’ll want to get yourself over to Alhambra, California this weekend, as the man who smashed up a piano in tribute to Dimebag Darrell is going to unveil his delightfully-named Berzerker Burger at the city’s Grill ‘Em All restaurant on Saturday.

Given that the booze market’s already flooded with heavy metal-themed loopy juice like Motorhead’s red wine and Iron Maiden’s real ale, it’s a smart move of Zakk’s (or his management’s) to look elsewhere for a bit of extra revenue and combine merchandising with mastication.

What does a Berzerker Burger consist of, then? You might well ask. It’s two blackened half pound patties, Eagle Rock Solidarity battered onion rings, white truffle pomme frites, chipotle ketchup, cheddar, and thick cut bacon, with the whole lot smothered in chili.

Which actually sounds rather tasty, if a little hard on the arteries.

“Doing a Zakk Wylde burger is a dream come true for us because the guy is everything we dig about metal,” said Matt Chernus, Grill ‘Em All’s co-owner. “We thought, ‘What would Zakk Wylde like? Um, yeah, beer and spice!’”

Well, quite. There’s a video about the burger too, which borrows footage from an old Frankenstein movie – though what that suggests about the freshness of the Berzerker’s ingredients, I shudder to think. Yum yum.


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