Relapse Records have set October 9th (US), October 19th (Ger/Benelux/Finland) and October 22nd (UK/world) as the release dates for Canada’s black/death metal berserkers WEAPON brand new full-length “Embers and Revelations”. The album, featuring eight tracks of relentless sonic barbarity, is now available for streaming in its entirety via Invisible Oranges.


In an exclusive comment for ZT the band had the following to say about their third full-length outing: “‘Embers And Revelations’ has built on the foundation of our first two albums. We have created something even more dynamic, further merging the worlds of black and death metal in a Weapon way, so to speak. People who are into sinister, spiritual and savage death/black metal will indubitably benefit from listening to this record”.


1. The First Witnesses Of Lucifer
2. Vanguard Of The Morning Star
3. Crepuscular Swamp, Unhinged Swine
4. Liber Lilith
5. Grotesque Carven Porta
6. Embers And Revelations
7. Disavowing Each In Aum
8. Shahenshah

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