Canada’s Mangler included a great track on issue 080’s covermount CD, so we grabbed them for a few words about it and other things…

“When we started the band our goal was to write straight-forward, hard hitting death/thrash. We really love bands from the mid and late 80s that were bridging the gap between thrash metal and early death metal, we try and incorporate both those styles into our riffs and sound. We also try and put traditional heavy metal riffs into our songs as well,” say Canada’s Mangler when we question them about their output – which you can hear on issue 080’s covermount CD – which is also streaming here. “We want to have aggressive, fast and heavy riffs but also with melody. We are just trying to keep metal alive and have fun doing it.” So that sounds like a sound ethos, so what about the lyrics? “Our lyrics are mostly based in fantasy, horror, sci-fi and historical references; we are influenced by writers like HP Lovecraft, Tad Williams, Stephen King, etc. as well as ’70s and ’80s horror and sci-fi movies. As far as aesthetics, we really don’t have any; we just look like normal dudes playing heavy metal. Our only rule is no jogging pants while standing under bridges taking band photos, it’s already been done by so many better bands!”

Speaking of other bands, who exactly do Mangler view as inspirational? “We are influenced by many bands and genres of music, but our main influence comes from the bands that were bridging the sound of thrash metal and early death metal: Possessed, Morbid Saint, Sodom, Demolition Hammer, Slaughter and early Death to name some.”

Mangler chose to include a track called ‘Thine Axe Cleaves’ with issue 080’s CD, why this one to introduce the band to ZT’s readership? “We selected this track because it’s our personal favourite and it’s very in your face and fast, which we think will grab people’s attention. There is also a rippin’ guitar solo in it. The lyrics for the song are based on dungeons and dragons, about a magical axe that can decapitate with the greatest of ease. Compared to the rest of the CD it showcases more of our speed and aggressive riffs, compared to the melodic and heavy riffs of some of the other songs.”

The album the band are referring to is of course their Dimensions Of Terror album, which is out on now self-release – how did the album shape up? “We wrote the album from February 2016 until September 2016. We then rehearsed the songs for several months. We recorded with Topon Das (Fuck The Facts) at his Apartment 2 Recording studio in March and April 2017. The album was mixed and mastered by Topon between April and May 2017 and we self-released it in July 2017.”

How about live? “We have just recently started performing live. We were fortunate enough to play one of our first live shows opening up for Varathron (Greece) and Sacrifice (Canada) in our home city. We have a few shows scheduled for the remainder of 2017. We supported The Apex (Canadian Death Metal) on November 4th on their Eastern Canada Tour and on December 8th we will be supporting Replacire (USA Death Metal) on their Canadian Tour in Ottawa.” And more generally, what’s next? “We plan to keep playing shows and to tour eventually and continue to write and release music. We are currently working on new material for a split with Vault Wraith (USA) that will be coming out on Von Frost Records in Spring of 2018. We have all been in and out of bands for the better part of 15 years so at this point we just want to create music, put it out and play it on our own terms and have fun doing it.”

Band name: Mangler
Formed: Feb 2016
Origin: Canada
Current release / demo: Dimensions Of Terror (self-released full-length)

Mangler is:

Tyson Seery: Drums
Jonathan Lozo: Guitar and Vocals
Dan Hurtubise: Bass

Connect with Mangler:
Instagram @mangledbymangler

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