Venomous Concept, side project of Shane Embury, Kevin Sharp, Dan Lilker and Danny Herrera are in the studio recording their third album! Recordings started on 29 October this year, and the album should be expected early in 2014.


Recordings are taking place in Parlour Studios, Kettering (UK), with Russ Russel. The band has finished drum tracks to 23 songs of hardcore and punk mayhem. Shane Embury, who plays guitar in this band, says: “We will continue to track the guitars in a few weeks and then get the other half of VC over which will of course be Dan Lilker and Kevin Sharp to do their respective bit.” Describing the new songs, the grindcore legend says: “Musically it’s encompassing a lot of our earlier punk influences but also branching out here and there a lot sonically so I have a really good feeling about this one. We of course are not reinventing the wheel just pimping it up a bit!”


Also, “oh yeah on second guitar we have John Cooke joining the band who also plays in Corrupt Moral Altar.”



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