US Death Metal veterans Rottrevore announce reformation…

Having released ‘Iniquitous’ in 1993, their first and only full length album along with a couple of EPs and a demo, Rottrevore quickly disbanded and drifted into obscurity, not to be heard of again. During their 15 year hiatus the band members pursued their own musical aspirations. Chris Weber worked on solo projects while Chris Free played for Pulsepherion until they split up in 2005. 2009 saw a failed Rottrevore reunion, but now in 2011 they are back! The band issued a statement on the news:

“Over the past 16 years a lot has happened with Chris Weber (vocals/ guitarist), Chris Free (bass) and Christian Easley (drums). The band was on a hiatus for almost all of the years from Dec 1995 – Dec 2010. The unreleased tracks, which there are 10 of them, were actually preserved by Chris Weber and were only recently tapped into to reconstruct in Dec 2010. Four of those songs are now going to be recorded and they have the old feel from back when with a new modern feel for today. They have the old school chainsaw guitar rhythms, which they are known for, but also a more technical and of course heavy approach to ensure that they keep the heart of Rottrevore alive.”

They are scheduled to play in Buffalo, New York with a variety of bands, to include Kam Lee, from Massacre fame, on July 16 2011. MySpace:

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