Past and present members of Hirax, Forbidden, Devastation and Subversion, along with ex-Dark Angel vocalist Don Doty, have joined together to form brand new Los Angeles-based thrash band Eliminate.


Featuring ex-Hirax guitarist Scott Owen and current Devastation axe-wielder Henry Elizondo on guitars, Subversion’s John Signorelli on bass and Forbidden’s Sasha Horn on drums, there’s an old-school thrash feel about the whole thing.


Speaking to Blabbermouth, sticksman Sasha Horn said: “The will to kill can be felt strongly throughout this newfound Eliminate brotherhood. Great people, great players, and seasoned veterans who thrive on the electricity of fans worldwide. Mark my words, we’ll be attacking crowds on a global scale in 2014.”


Napalm Death guitarist Mitch Harris was briefly a member in the new group but has stepped aside because of his other commitments, although he still plans to stay involved.


Eliminate said on Facebook: “I’d say that we’re sad to see Mitch Harris of Napalm Death leave us, but he hasn’t really. He has taken a backseat on the Eliminate train due to his other projects and the ever-growing amount of responsibilities attached, but out of his genuine excitement for what we’re doing, he wants to stay on board as best he can by contributing to the writing process. We welcome it.”


It’s still early days but with plans to play live in 2014 it can be assumed the writing process is, or soon will be, underway for Eliminate’s first recorded material. Special mention should go to the fact they found an unused and simple yet effective name for a thrash band. Here’s hoping they live up to it!


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