The UK’s bastion of extreme music journalism! Trial ZT on subscription for a measely £9.99!



Never picked ZT up or used to and haven’t for a while? Wondering why we’re making outrageous claims of being the last UK bastion of extreme music journalism? If you’ve an insatiable appetite for extreme music and yearn for coverage from a source you can really trust, then Zero Tolerance is for you. Check out our magazine and we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.  Enough maybe to make ZT a regular buy. With a special three issue trial subscription price of just £9.99 (inc. p&p), what better time could there be to put us to the test?


Zero Tolerance is available on the newsstand in the UK and across the globe – you’ll find us in all good independent newsagents and also in high street giants, such as WHSmiths, HMV and Barnes & Noble (US). We’re also racked in some seriously obscure places across the globe – quite an achievement for an esoteric magazine like ZT. But that’s the nature of extreme music; it transcends geographic boundaries to bring musically enlightended individuals together, even the most hardened of misanthropes given the right setting.


Buy it. Read it. Spread dissent!

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