The road to Bloodstock… with Wolfbastard

With Bloodstock looming over the horizon, ZT plans to set the scene by speaking to a few of the bands making the annual assault on Catton Park in Derbyshire. Setting the Bloodstock ball in motion for us are none other than the incorrigible Mancunian trio WOLFBASTARD who just about keep their senses intact when speaking with Paul Castles.

ZT: So guys, how are you feeling about your first ever Bloodstock performance?
We’re really looking forward to it. Bloodstock is the biggest party of the year in the scene, and to share a bill with Abbath, Candlemass and Triptykon playing Celtic Frost is awesome.

ZT: I thought you had played Catton Park before but I was wrong – why has it taken you so long!?
We don’t know, you should ask them!! No, to be fair we’ve worked hard over the last few years, playing lots of shows and doing the miles, so it’s great for it to be recognised and finally get a chance to play the festival.

ZT: Obviously Dez can give you a little insight having played Bloodstock with Foetal Juice?
Yeah, although the rest of Wolfbastard were roadie-ing for Foetal Juice that weekend, so we could see that he was shitting himself for most of it!

ZT: You’re performing on the Sophie Lancaster Stage on the Friday – is this likely be your biggest ever show in terms of crowd size?
Yeah, I should think so. We’ve supported some larger bands over the years, like Napalm Death, Discharge and Municipal Waste, but were hoping this’ll be the biggest crowd to date.

ZT: The video for you recent single ‘Buckfast Blasphemies’ was set in a sex dungeon with band members performing in underpants – will there be a follow-up?
Yeah, we got Chris Taylor from Cairns who recorded all our albums to be the victim, ha ha! We’ll have to see what the next album is going to be like, now we know we have access to a sex dungeon and a professional dominatrix, plus a private graveyard!

ZT: You have just played the intimate Darkness Over Cumbria – how did it all go?
We love that festival and we had a blast as usual. Paul and Barry do an outstanding job and to play in that setting is a privilege. To spend all weekend in the woods, drinking beer and watching Black Metal bands is like a teenage wet dream for us all haha.

ZT: You’ve had a busy year so far, just pick out a couple of other highlights?
We played Incineration Festival in May and that was another brilliant event to be involved in. We also played some shows across the country with Devastator which was a lot of fun.

ZT: Your last full length was Hammer the Bastards (Clobber Records) – what plans for anything new from you?
After Bloodstock we’ll be writing new material. We’ve got some riffs knocking about and we’ll try and record next year or maybe try for a live album.

ZT: What is the priority for the rest of the year, writing or gigs… or both? Your first trip to Ireland must be a something to look forward to?
We’ve got a few shows left here and there and the shows in Ireland that we’re buzzing about, but I think writing new material will be next.

ZT: Before your Bloodstock set what will your pre-performance prep consist of?
Probably sitting on a portaloo expelling the previous night’s kebab and lager!
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