The road to Bloodstock… with Tribe of Ghosts

With a new single, ‘Hive’ , and a second Bloodstock appearance in a year looming, Brighton quartet Tribe of Ghosts are clearly moving in an upward trajectory. Paul Castles finds out what makes them tick, prior to their slot at Catton Park on the Sophie Lancaster Stage.

ZT: So guys, you’re set to perform on the Sophie Lancaster Stage at Bloodstock – How are you feeling about it? 
We’re so excited to be playing, it’s going to be amazing! When Simon (Hall) called us last year asking us back, we were so gassed up and jumped at the opportunity to return for 2023. 

ZT: You played the New Blood Stage a year ago – not many bands get to play back-to-back Bloodstocks!
Honestly, it surprised us as well! After winning the Brighton Metal 2 The Masses last year it was an incredible opportunity for us to perform on the New Blood Stage and we had such an amazing time – especially with it being our sixth show since our relaunch last year. We couldn’t wait to be offered the opportunity to return to Bloodstock, but we didn’t expect it only a year later and on the SOPHIE stage as well. 

ZT: Initially you were down to play the Thursday this year but you’re probably set for a bigger audience now as your set has been moved to the Saturday… 
Oh absolutely – We were so excited to open up the festival for everyone on the Thursday, but since moving to the Saturday those plans have only just got bigger. Our shows are all about connection, chaos and catharsis and we’re so excited to bring our feral chaos back to Bloodstock this year. 

ZT: You’ve had a busy year so far and played a couple of festivals already – are you pleased with the momentum behind the band right now? 
We certainly have! We’ve had an amazing time this year with our sets at Uprising, Doomsday 2023 and supporting Imperial Triumphant, Forlorn and so many more. We’re incredibly pleased with the momentum and the adventure we’ve had riding the crest of the wave, and we can’t wait to take it further. We’ve recently joined the brilliant Dark Mother Management roster and with the incredible help of Toni we’re utilising the momentum we’ve built for the next phase of our creative journey. 

ZT: What’s the response been to the single Sunburner (Deny The Rot)
The response has been overwhelming – We’ve had so much support behind the release and to see people singing the track back to us over the last few months has been incredibly humbling. Our songwriting and creativity is fueled by the chaos that we embrace, and to see that resonating with so many really means the world to us.  

ZT: You worked with Ben Mason of Bound In Fear on the track, how did this come about? 
The idea actually came from when we were writing the final section of the track. When we finalised the arrangement of the song’s penultimate moments, we felt that we wanted to get some vocals on it that truly embraced that Black Tongue style deathcore that inspired us. We showed it to Ben and asked if wanted to be involved and write his take on it. He absolutely crushed the ending and took the song to a whole new level. 

ZT: What is the priority for the rest of the year, writing or gigs… or a bit of both? 
We’re working hard behind the scenes with Dark Mother Management on a few things, including our debut album, and we can’t wait to show you all what we have planned. So a bit of both, but we never do things by halves.

ZT: To what extent do you think performing at Bloodstock can really elevate the status of a band? 
It absolutely can with the right preparation and mindset. Not only is performing on the New Blood or Jager stages a testament to how hard any band has worked, but Bloodstock’s focus on supporting grassroots bands alongside up and coming acts and legends of metal is an integral part of the UK Metal Scene and many legendary band’s journey’s to success. Our mindset with Bloodstock last year was that this performance was just the beginning. We worked hard and networked the whole weekend and have not stopped since. There are many New Blood ‘22 alumni acts that have done the same such as Collapse The Sky and Imperium that are also doing amazing things and we like to think that we’re also on the same track. 

ZT: Are you hoping to have time to catch a band or two yourself at Catton Park? 
Oh absolutely, we’re hoping to catch so many bands across the weekend. We are gassed to hopefully catch Urne, Seething Akira, Employed To Serve, Knocked Loose, The Grey, Meshuggah, Skynd, Triptykon, Bossk and so many more. 

ZT: Brighton has a healthy buzz about it, is it a good place to be in a metal band? 
It’s an incredible place to be in a metal band. Brighton has such a diverse and supportive scene filled with so many awesome bands and incredible venues dedicated to keeping live music alive. Make sure you check out whose in the Brighton scene like our previous Bloodstock alumni Halveksia, All Hail Dog, Vehement and Kinzoku, and the amazing bands from the scene like fakeyourdeath, KNIFEBRIDE, Crowgod, Sypha, Katja Macarbe, She Must Burn, Street Grease, Glassgrave and plenty more. 

You can enjoy Tribe of Ghosts’ new single ‘Hive’ , right here and follow them on Facebook

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