The road to Bloodstock… with Embodiment

South West brutalists Embodiment make a welcome return to Bloodstock this year. Paul Castles finds out what lies in store when they take to the Sophie Lancaster Stage on the Sunday.

ZT: Hi guys, you’ve just reached your 10-year anniversary, celebrating it with a Bloodstock appearance isn’t bad going!
Off to a good start! It’s been a goal of ours for the past six years to return, and the 10-year anniversary is just a bonus!

ZT: You’ve been here before on the New Blood Stage in 2017 after your M2TM win in Bristol, what memories have you of that day at Bloodstock?
Insane levels of nerves! Great vibes after the set though, we had a great feeling of elation after we got off stage and it pumped us up for the whole weekend! 

ZT: This year you’re elevated to the Sophie Lancaster Stage – how are you feeling about that?
The nerves haven’t gone away, that’s for sure! We’re pleased to see the hard work we’ve been putting into the band has paid off though. Post-Covid we’ve been trying to gig as much as possible – as we weren’t able to promote the release of our album Palingenesis at the time in that, but it feels great to be able to do so on such a prestigious stage. 

ZT: The band have made a name for themselves thanks to the heavy tech approach – Who were your most influential tech metal bands when you first got Embodiment together?
Decaptiated, Necrophagist, The Faceless & Sikth were definitely the most discussed at the time, but there are a range of bands who have influenced us over the years, one of which being Killswitch Engage – who we are all very excited to watch on the Friday night! 

ZT: You’ve a new member in tow this year, guitarist Sam Godding, how has he settled in?
Sam has been a fantastic addition to Embodiment. His commitment to the band thus far has been unmatched, and he has fit into the Embodiment dynamic better than we could have anticipated. He’s a creative guitarist by nature due to his involvement in Ascaris and other projects, and we can’t wait to incorporate his personal flair on future material. 

ZT: Your second album, Palingenesis, was well received in 2020… are we due another?
We have all been working hard on the follow-up to our 2020 album Palingenesis, and there is music in the pipeline. With Sam joining the band, this has opened up new creative avenues, and so we are taking time to refine the new songs with his input, but fans can expect the hear new music by the end of the year.

ZT: What plans have the band got for the rest of this year?
We’re not taking any time off from playing shows – that’s for sure! Our September is already packed out with a four-day tour with Kabrydis, as well as appearances in Manchester and Weston, as well as a headline appearance in our hometown of Bristol as part of this years Gryphfest. 

ZT: Over the past decade Embodiment have supported some notable acts, which one stands out as making a real impression on you?
Being able to support some of our most influential bands has been a real privilege to us over the years, but we’d have to say our most memorable support slot would have had to be supporting The Black Dahlia Murder at a sold-out Fleece in our hometown! (If you run into us at Bloodstock – ask us what happened!)

ZT: What can anyone catching you on the Sophie Stage expect to see this year?
Our Bloodstock Festival slot will definitely be the most refined set we have ever played – we have a great mixture of newer and older material, so that we can celebrate our 10-year anniversary, as well as demonstrate what Embodiment is capable of.

ZT: What will you get up to in the hour before going on stage?
Definitely warming up! We are there with our sound engineer this time, so we will be spending the last hour preparing as much as possible, so we can have a smooth changeover. There is a strong possibility we may be watching Decapitated as well though (if time allows!)

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