The road to Bloodstock… with Elimination

Elimination are no strangers to Bloodstock. But when they return to Catton Park this year it will be with a new-look line-up. Paul Castles hears more about the comings and goings and the band’s forthcoming new single, ‘Rebirth of a Greater God’.

ZT: Hi guys, so you’re set to make your second Bloodstock appearance, the first time being on the small Jager Stage – How are you feeling about it?
We’re so psyched to be heading back to Bloodstock!!! We last played in 2021 when we were on the cusp of releasing our third album, Echoes Of The Abyss. Obviously there’s been a few changes since then and we cant wait to show everyone what we’ve been up to!

ZT: The band are clearly going through a new phase, having recently lost both guitarist Leigh and vocalist Neil?
A new phase for definite! We’ve all got so much love and respect for Leigh and Neil but Elimination will always push forwards. David and Gus have been working on some of the new material over the past year and it’s heavy as ever! 

ZT: What can you tell us about the band’s new singer, David Hill?
David’s been a mainstay of Elimination as guitarist since the bands resurgence with the … Of Gods and Beasts EP. He’ll be  carrying on Neil’s legacy while bringing a fresh feel and his own mark to the vocals of the band. 

ZT: How much time have the new line-up had to settle in – are you ready for Bloodstock?
It’s been a whirlwind of activity, excitement and nerves with an awareness of the band’s history and fanbase. We’ve gelled well as a unit and will be bringing a fierce stage show and maximum stage presence to continue wrecking necks on stage!

ZT: The new line-up has a single on the way, ‘Rebirth Of A Greater God’, how are you feeling about that?
So damn excited! We’ve been experimenting with new material a bit since the release of Echoes while making sure we keep the core of what is Elimination intact. Rebirth… is a monster of a track we started writing with Neil (Stevens), our first written on seven-string guitars. Don’t worry, we’re definitely going more Nile than NuMetal though! 

ZT: Was there ever a point during the recent upheaval where it looked like Elimination may be, well, Eliminated – Obviously the band have had previous spells of inactivity.
Neil (Stevens) was instrumental in keeping things going really. We’re all still really close and when we wavered it was really Neil’s push that kept us going when things were looking at their most darkest. Marcus joining earlier in the year and more recently Neil has really lit a fire under us though. 

ZT: Do you think longstanding fans of the band are likely to notice any shifts in direction in the future?
Fans will always notice, it’s why we love them! We are fully aware and make no apologies for the fact that things will be different. 

ZT: Is there a sense that Bloodstock draws a line in the sand for the band with the new era starting now?
Yes and no… Bloodstock is such an amazing festival and we can’t wait to be back. With David having contributed so much musically and lyrically to the last few releases it’s much more of a natural progression that made sense to everyone involved. A page turn rather than a new book if you like. The addition of Marcus and Neil was also a no brainier as they’ve both been friends of the band for a long time, no one else was really considered for the positions.

ZT: What plans will you have for the rest of the year?
We’ve got the release for our new single  ‘Rebirth Of A Greater God’ coming up shortly but in the meantime we’ll be carrying on working on album number four! We’ve also got Thrashchester in November with the 0161 guys which we can’t wait for!

ZT: What should anyone heading to the New Blood Stage on Sunday expect to see and hear from Elimination?
Thrash and then some! We’re determined to top the crowdsurfing wheelchair from 2021!

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