THAT’S A LIE OF COURSE… ZT’s South American entourage, Alex de Moller, Jack Latimer and Ro Cohen have completed a gruelling journey through the underbelly of the South American extreme metal scene and returned in late November last year. The three travelled from Bogotá, Colombia to Lima, Peru  to film some of the continent’s most visceral bands for the upcoming, ZT sponsored documentary: “Sudamerica Brutal” (part I). On the course of their journey, the trio met Colombian legends MASACRE, PARABELLUM, REENCARNACION & WITCHTRAP, then travelled to Ecuador to clash with ENTE, GRIMORIUM VERUM and ALCOHOLIC RITES. In Peru, they were the guests of none other than Erick Neyra, the vinyl-mad vocalist of GOAT SEMEN. The stay in Lima was a tough one, with the crew finally beginning to crack from illness, in-fighting and over-exposure to salsa, rice and reggaeton. Like any true soldiers [of metal], they bit the bullet and pulled through, getting interviews with HADEZ, ANAL VOMIT, MORTUORIO, KRANIUM and CURRICULUM MORTIS.

Since returning, Director Jack Latimer has been at work, editing footage and filing claims for the group’s stolen gear (it was bound to happen). Camera-boss Ro Cohen flew back west to the USA, two days after coming home…and chief reporter Alex de Moller was making regular visits to the hospital after his clever consumption of goat-flesh – that which doesn’t kill him…. The trip was a resounding triumph for Zero Tolerance Magazine and the international extreme metal underground – even 3000 miles apart, we all speak the same language.

Updates from the second half of the trip will now be posted regularly, with upcoming features on HADEZ, ANAL VOMIT, MORTUORIO, KRANIUM, CURRICULUM MORTIS and GOAT SEMEN. Zero Tolerance Magazine guarantees you exclusive, frontline journalism and quality content from the cutting edge of extreme music. We go where others WILL NOT go, and for the record – Sam Dunn wasn’t interested. The crew would like to offer special thanks to the following mutantes, metaleros and mendigos…Have your breakfast at Mondongo’s.


Diego & Juan Pedro Jaramillo,  Ilia “Juan Sheet” Rodriguez, Ana Maria Comparetto (you legend), Ruben Galvis, Nicola Gilbert, Evalyn Bernal, Erna von der Walde, Richard Emblin, Nelson Varela, Miguel Jiminez (and his bro), Alex Okendo Rodriguez, MASACRE & MORBID MACABRE,  Lina & Alejo Okendo, Sebastian Crusher, Jonathan Crazy & family, Roman Gonzalez,  Ramon Restrepo & BLASFEMIA, Carlos Mario “La Bruja” Perez & PARABELLUM (your loss, Cipri), Victor Raul “Piolin” Jaramillo and REENCARNACION, Hugo Uribe & WITCHTRAP, NEBIROS, Igor Icaza Alban & ENTE, Marco Oviedo & Dario, Vanessa Realpe, Lucifeid, Equidnos & GRIMORIUM VERUM, Lord Devastador & ALCOHOLIC RITES, Destructa Evilwrath, Sargatanas, Transfigurator & INFERNO, James Peterson, Jonathan Amaya Rosas, Erick Neyra Morocho, Satyricon & GOAT SEMEN, Alan “el barbarito” Corpse, Toñyn Destructor & ANAL VOMIT (Noiser), Toño Warrior & RECRUCIFY, Metalizer, Ron King, John Capcha & HADEZ, Renzo Parodi, the MORTUORIO brothers, Eloy & KRANIUM, Jose Rojas Toledo, Nuclear Bar, CURRICULUM MORTIS…

El Señor de Sipán.


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JACK LATIMER: “A VICIOUS ADVENTURE…” – Director, Drinks & Damage

ALEX de MOLLER: “HUEVON!” – Interviews, Illness & Words.

RO COHEN: “TIME OF MY FUCKING LIFE!!” – Cameras, Muscle & Usury Commands

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