Legendary Flordia death metal band Solstice has announced that their first two albums, 1992’s “Solstice” and 1995’s “Pray,” are to be reissued via Divebomb Records.  Due to hit the shelves on 12 June, both of the albums will be grouped into one special two-disc set, titled “Pray for the Sentencing,” with both albums featured on disc 1.  Disc 2 will feature a special remixed version of the album “Pray” that was completed in 2011 by founding guitarist Dennis Munoz specifically for this reissue.


Solstice were formed in 1990 by guitarist Munoz along with Alex Marquez on drums, also featuring current Cannibal Corpse guitarist Rob Barrett on vocalist and guitars.  The band recorded a demo in 1991 that led them to sign a deal with Steamhammer, who released both of the aforementioned albums.  Internal issues within the band led to a hiatus from 1993 to 1995, at which point the band reconvened to record their sophmore album “Pray.”  It would be roughly 14 years before Solstice’s third album, 2009’s “To Dust” would see the light of day.  Currently, the band’s line-up includes bassist Garret Scott and vocalist/guitarist Christian Rudes, who are both featured on Solstice’s second and third albums.


“Pray For The Sentencing” track listing:


Disc 1
“The Sentencing” (1992)
01. Transmogrified
02. Cleansed Of Impurity
03. Eternal Waking
04. Survival Reaction
05. S.M.D.
06. Netherworld
07. Plasticized
08. Cataclysmic Outburst
09. Aberration

“Pray” (1995)
10. The Unseen
11. Denial
12. Pray
13. All Life Lost
14. Freedom Denied
15. Close Minded Failure
16. Depression
17. Bleeding Unborn
18. One At A Time
19. Eyes See Red

Disc 2 – “Pray” (2011 remix)

01. The Unseen
02. Denial
03. Pray
04. All Life Lost
05. Freedom Denied
06. Close Minded Failure
07. Depression

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