Poland’s Selfmadegod Records have recently released a double album featuring a complete discography of UK’s legendary punk/noisethrashers Satanic Malunctions.


The release comprises of 112 songs in total, as taken from “Who Wants The World” EP (1986), “I Have Just Had All I Can Take” 7″EP (1987), songs from the split 7″EP with SM-70 (1988), “Teacore” 7″EP (1988), “Hellbound” LP (1988), “Disgrace To Humanity” LP (1989) and “Splitting Headache” 4-way split (1986). All the stuff is available for the first time on CD, yet was taken directly from vinyl to keep that awesome old days feeling.


According to a PR sheet, “ranging from mid-tempo punk rock tunes to ultra fast noisecore/thrash songs with political lyrics, this is what SATANIC MALFUNCTIONS were all about. A lesson of punk, hardcore, noisecore, thrash, grind history that has started long time ago along with bands like DISCHARGE, NAPALM DEATH, L’ARM, HERESY, SORE THROAT, FEAR OF GOD, ACTIVE MINDS, and inspired dozens of bands all over the world”.


Insert includes liner notes written by the band’s drummer Ade, an interview and clippings.

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