Friday 7 December 2018 is the international release date via Saturnal Records for Kult Of Kaos Serpent: a special three-way split of Satanic black metal from Djvelkult, Kyy, and Nihil Kaos.

Although a traditional split in the sense of offering new songs from two (or more) bands, Kult Of Kaos Serpent is more so a unified spiritual weapon – of antinomian black metal might hailing from Norway, Finland, and Turkey. Each band’s respective offering stands tall on its own, yet forms an overarching symbiosis with their partners.

Norway’s Djvelkult are up first, and offer three new and exclusive tracks. Continuing the cryogenic momentum spurred by their critically acclaimed Saturnal debut, Når Avgrunnen Åpnes, earlier this year, Djvelkult deliver pure, undiluted Norwegian black metal majesty that’s as modern as it is classic. Next up are Finland’s Kyy, who break their two-year silence since their critically acclaimed debut album, Beyond Flesh – Beyond Matter – Beyond Death. Those two years have not been spent idly, as Kyy’s contribution here proves to be their most potent yet – and most vicious. Rounding out the split are two tracks from Turkey’s Nihil Kaos. Restless and roiling, there’s a battering melodicism at work here, not to mention a professionalism that’s on par with their split-mates. And with the band’s chaos-gnostic lyrical themes coming to the fore, thus does Kult of Kaos Serpent seal the circle.

Tracklisting for Kult Of Kaos Serpent
1. Djevelkult – Skapt Av Helvetesild
2. Djevelkult – Life Devoid
3. Djevelkult – Den Svarte Død
4. Kyy – Ingress: Womb of Lilith
5. Kyy – Congress: Unearthly Realms
6. Kyy – Progress: Leaping Beyond God
7. Nihil Kaos – Artifex Erroris
8. Nihil Kaos – Claws of the Tempter

You can order a copy at this location. You can also watch a special trailer for the album below: 



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